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In modern society, the most important factor influencing an enterprise’s development is its staff’s highly responsible attitude rather than capital, technology, or system. As the soul of an enterprise, talented staff is its most precious asset and the key to its maintenance. Adopting the management philosophy of putting people first, Shanghai Jiawen Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to talent acquisition and cultivation and spares no effort to create various conditions for its personnel’s growth, so that it can retain employees with its career prospect, development, and culture. In this way, employees’ wisdom and talents can be fully utilized to achieve corporate expansion which in turn reflects the realization of their personal values.

Consistently adhering to the principle of “not prejudging a horse before the race”, we follow the employment standards of valuing performance over seniority and ability over educational background and placing equal stress on ability and integrity. The purpose is to encourage our employees to display their abilities. Moreover, knowing that an enterprise should constantly improve the personnel’s overall qualities to achieve its development, our company proposes the slogan that “for employees, training is the best welfare and development is the best return”. On this basis, we take the initiative to create favorable learning and training conditions and provide the staff with planned trainings, so as to fully tap their potentials and facilitate their growth.

Through carrying out a series of activities like human resources diagnostics and staff training, we have converted the advanced human resources management philosophies into a workable system based on our own characteristics. This involves the further adjustment of our organizational structure, human resources personnel allocation, and human resources management division. Besides, we have constructed the personnel management system, labor management system, and performance evaluation system. These systems are utilized in constantly improving the level of human resources management, stimulating employee’s enthusiasm to work, and promoting the constant progress of the company.

We firmly believe that talent is the real driving force for the enterprise’s development. Employees and us are as closely related as lips and teeth, and our company is like a stage where our employees can show their abilities. Closely related and mutually dependent, we and our employees aim to achieve the joint development. Therefore, advocating the management idea and policy of putting personnel first, we regard business management as essentially talent management and industrial competition as talent competition. In addition, we have also proposed the modern corporate human resources management philosophies of putting personnel first, regarding talents as resources, and achieving dynamic talent management.

Sticking to the principle of respecting, trusting, and understanding our staff, we ensure all employees that they can develop their careers here. Under the influence of the corporate culture of putting people first, every employee is stimulated to become strong, independent, and dedicated to the plant, forge ahead with collaboration, and make contributions to the company. This principle unites employees and our company closely together, so that the former can create more value for the enterprise and society.

Human resources management philosophies: putting personnel first, regarding talents as resources, and achieving dynamic talent management.

Employment standards: treasuring the strengths and accepting the weaknesses of employees;
respecting, trusting, and understanding the staff.